Month: July 2015

Get Off The Beaten Track: Walking The Popular Lake Rotoiti Circuit

THE SITUATION: Until my final year of University, I had always been one of those people who could not understand how anyone could find enjoyment in walking long distances. In my (potentially still undeveloped teen) mind, only shopping, eating, hanging around boys, watching tv episodes, and only going for a walk to the dairy, were sources of enjoyment. Of course I had always played sports, and been relatively active, but walking for long stretches of time, in cold temperatures, or blistering hot ones, for no other reason than just for fun, seemed totally crazy! But for some reason, whether it was just a new-found maturity (ha) or there was something in the air, I was hooked! and that small spark turned into a new interest into the world of outdoor activity.

My gym gear image.

Fitness Inpsiration: How To Pack The Ultimate Gym Bag

We’ve all been there – you get to the gym ready to cry and sweat, only to find out that you’ve forgotten something that’s essential to your workout (I think the worst thing I have ever forgotten was socks..that was a grossly interesting workout). After a few too many times of forgetting these super important items, I started to pack my gym back the night before, and with as much thought as I put into my actual workout. The saying ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’ springs to mind here and is the mantra for most of my fitness-related posts as you will soon see 😀 Whether you are a cardio-bunny, a bodybuilding babe, or a flexy yogi, planning and preparing for your fitness lifestyle is just as important as your nutrition and workout goals.

Layer up in all your cuddly knitted finery.

How To Be A Winter Warrior: 6 Survival Tips For The Winter Season

Before anything else, don’t panic. You must recognize and admit that winter in New Zealand is here, and will be for a long while yet. The freezing frantic wind will try it’s best to strangle you with your own hair, and snatch your last warm breath from your lungs. The plummeting temperatures will seep into your shaking bones, and will caress your pale, dry skin with sharp fingers of ice. There is no doubt it will try to crush you into a weepy, sneezy ball of depression. Winter despises you and is attempting to kill you, while keeping up a facade of pretty glittering snowflake kisses, and the sound of children’s laughter as they make snow angels . But fear not, you have an ally. I too once cowered at the mite of Winter. But no more. I survived in this frost-bitten country (without surgically attaching a heater to myself) by becoming a winter warrior, and tackling it head-on.