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Crushing On: Elle Landgren [Elle Fit Active]

Image link to Elle Fit Active website.

Name: Elle/ Eliza Landgren


Age: 24

Based: Queensland, Australia

Occupation: Certified ACROVINYASA Teacher, Chair Yoga Teacher, Completed courses in Mindfulness Coaching and Assisting & Adjusting, completing 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Founder of Elle Fit Active

About Elle:

Elle Landgren is a 24 year old yoga teacher who lives in sunny Queensland, Australia. She also happens to be the amazing creator of the Elle Fit Active movement and popular stretching/yoga eguides!

Elle first began yoga in 2013. In a nutshell, she started because she was bored, and also to help with her sciatic pain that stems from her scoliosis. At the same time, she was dealing with food intolerances and needed a gentle form of exercise because she also suffered from chronic fatigue (Poor thing!). She is also very honest about yoga being a way to manage her anxiety and depression, which was a very brave step.

Right from the start, it was great to hear she has always had tight hamstrings (Yay someone else like me!) and she also very limited back flexibility. Luckily, the flexibility she has attained now is from her consistent stretching and persistency when trying new poses. A lot of trial and error, falling, getting back up and trying again!

She first began teaching herself about yoga by trying to access a number of resources, but quickly realised Google can only provide so much free information (I am guilty of having tonnes of bookmarks on ‘Yoga help’ and ‘learn yoga in a week’). She soon realised that flexibility came down to basic stretching and consistency when doing so. Because she had grown up as a swimmer and runner, Elle had a basic knowledge of stretching which she began implementing every day. As the days went on, she learnt new ways to stretch and added them to her routine.

And so, ElleFitActive was born, a way for Elle to help and inspire others.

Elle Fit Active logo.

Elle Fit Active

So how did I come across Elle?

As I often do, I stumbled across a beautiful, supine woman doing a magnificent pose in front of a sunset. My immediate thought is “Wow, how can anyone ever learn to do that! She must have been doing it for years!” As I began trawling her Instagram, I saw she wasn’t just another faceless yogi who was a natural, she was a teacher, and had a website based around helping beginner yogis to achieve their goals.

So I explored Elle’s site even more, wanting to know more about her journey, her challenges, and her eguides.


I was hooked! The Elle Fit Active website is beautiful, clean, modern, and has a tonne of resources. And the way Elle interacted with her customers on the Website and Instagram, gave me confidence to buy her first ebook and try it out

The Get Bendy Eguide

The Get Bendy stretching Eguide.

The Get Bendy stretching Eguide

Elle Fit Active’s Get Bendy eGuide is a really great place to start your yoga journey. The guide is a photographic mixture of stretching and basic yoga poses for overall flexibility, and is helpful for all ability levels.

The stretches assist in laying and maintaining a foundation for all physical activity whether it is yoga, gym, or sport. Core stretches are key to all progressions – basic and advanced.

The guide contains:

  • A little bit about Elle and Get Bendy
  • Handy tips about stretching
  • 65 high quality photos

I will be doing a more in-depth review in my next blog post  so stay tuned! 🙂

She has also added to her collection with more cool and specific ebooks:


Why is Elle my inspirational woman crush of the week?

Learning about all the challenges she had overcome; anxiety and depression, food intolerances, sciatic, back pain, scoliosis, and just generally being tight and inflexible when she began, really helped me to identify with Elle. Unlike a lot of yogis who might hide these issues to show they are a picture of health, Elle lays out her life in a way that made me feel really motivated to follow in her footsteps. She has been so brave, strong, and creative in her bid to not let these issues stop her.

Her photos on Instagram are so inspiring, yet feel totally achievable with her kind encouragement.

The Get Bendy stretching guide has been my base since I very first started this journey, and I will continue to use it and recommend it.

Above all, they way Elle has used yoga and stretching consistently to tackle all her issues, has inspired me to really look at my obstacles as things I can work through and beat, rather than just believe that they will always affect me and never get better.

Make sure to follow Elle on her accounts and have fun on your own stretching journey!

Follow Elle on Social Media.

Follow Elle on Social Media

Elle Fit Active Instagram

Elle Fit Active Website

Elle’s personal Instagram


Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.

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