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6 Simple + Easy Ideas For Your Sensational Spring Bucket List

6 Simple + Easy Ideas For Your Sensational Spring Bucket List.

6 Simple + Easy Ideas For Your Sensational Spring Bucket List.

01 / Take a class to learn something new

Terrarium class in session.

Spring is a great time to learn and try new things, and freshen up your skills.

Here’s some class ideas:

  • Health & Nutrition
  • French/Italian inspired cooking class
  • Pilates or Yoga class
  • Upholstery/Sewing class
  • Terrarium creation

02 / Have a picnic

Pack a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. Take advantage of the all scrumptious food and drink available in Spring. Make some sparkly pink lemonade, stuff in some crusty bread and savoury cheese, and compliment your picnic with a beautiful view, good people, and warm comfy blankets.


Picnic inspiration:


03 / Spring Clean

Have a spring clean. Ok not the most exciting thing to have on your bucket list. But boy does it feel good. Start with your room. Dust those bunnies off your dresser, vacuum the lost City of Atlantis up from under your bed. Give all your old forgotten clothes to a charity shop, and make room for fresh new outfits fit for Spring!


More inspiration here for spring cleaning and organising your space:


04 / Buy something colourful

Bright lipstick and makeup. Things can get frightfully dull in winter, and you can be awash in subdued tones. Make a break for it as you move into Spring, and buy something loud and colourful to brighten up your mood. Try a floral scarf, or a vibrant necklace. Or treat yourself to pink lipstick and a floaty dress for the warmer days to come.


05 / Get crafty

kaboompics.com_Bottle - carafesMake something bright and fun, to hang on your wall or display in your bedroom. Think flowers, clouds, tassels! Find some old tired knick-knacks and spray-paint them your favourite colour.



Check out these cool DIY craft ideas:


06 / Go for a stroll

Go for a stroll and pick some pretty flowers. With the air warming up, the sun coming out, and the flowers blooming, there will be plenty of walks in your area that will be picturesque on a nice day. Wrap up warm and get some fresh air with friends or family, and appreciate the new season! Remember to pick some pretty flowers to display when you get home.


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