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Spotlight: My Top 8 Inspiring Health and Fitness Instagrammers

Top 8 Health & Fitness Instagrammers.

Top 8 Health & Fitness Instagrammers.

These lovely ladies motivate and inspire me everyday with their dedication to health and fitness, their awesome tips and advice, and also their amazing documentation on Instagram of all their hard work and creations, take a look!

1 / Megs and Soph

Image source: Megs and Soph Instagram.

Image source: Megs and Soph Instagram

Check these girls out! Top NZ elite athletes, personal trainers, and health coaches. Follow their Instagram account and stalk their website for lots of mouth-watering recipes, workout guides, and just inspirational messages.

Visit their Instagram here

2 / Nikki Blackketter

Image source: Nikki Blackketter Instagram.

Image source: Nikki Blackketter Instagram

My ultimate woman-crush! Nikki Blackketter is a tough and toned blonde with the perfect body and a gorgeous personality to match. She is also on Youtube, is a flexible dieter, and an official GymShark Athlete.

Visit Nikki’s Instagram here

3 / BaseBodyBabes

Image source: BaseBodyBabes Instagram.

Image source: BaseBodyBabes Instagram

Follow these genetically-blessed personal trainer sisters for the latest gym looks, and all things health and fitness

Visit their Instagram here

4 / Kayla Itsines

Image source: Kayla Itsines Instagram.

Image source: Kayla Itsines Instagram

This girl has taken the health and fitness world by storm. Follow her for workout inspiration, and motivational pictures. Check out her website and have a look at her eguides, I definitely recommend them.

Visit Kayla’s Instagram here

5 / Ariana Omipi (Eats with Ari)

Image source: Eats With Ari Instagram.

Image source: Eats With Ari Instagram

New Zealand/Australian food blogger who shares her hand-crafted recipes with us on her Instagram and website. You might find yourself browsing her beautiful food pics for hours!

Visit Ariana’s Instagram here

6 / Emily Skye

Image source: Emily Skye Instagram.

Image source: Emily Skye Instagram

This beautiful lady has the biggest smile, and some really inspiring and helpful Insta posts. She is a health and fitness expert, and loves to share workout videos.

Visit Emily’s Instagram here

7 / Clean Eatz NZ

Image source: Clean Eatz NZ Instagram.

Image source: Clean Eatz NZ Instagram

Millie Elder-Holmes is a kiwi on a journey of clean living, and shares her food, drink and workout creations with us. She has been through a lot, and battled through like a champion. Follow Clean Eatz NZ for down-to-earth, inspiring insta posts.

Visit Millie’s Instagram here

8 / Julia & Libby

Image source: Julia and Libby Instagram.

Image source: Julia and Libby Instagram

Follow these sweet sisters for all things health and fitness. They hail from Auckland, NZ, and are lovers of everything that nourishes the body, mind and soul. Their posts are fresh, fun, and really helpful, and they share more info on their website.

Visit their Instagram here
Hope you find these lovely woman as inspiring as I do!

Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.


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