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Crushing on: Erin Motz [Co-founder Of Bad Yogi]

Crushing on: Erin Motz, founder of Bad Yogi.

Name: Erin Motz

Based: Nice, France

Occupation: Co-Founder of Bad Yogi


Erin Motz site

Official Bad Yogi site


Erin Motz @erinmotz

About Erin motz:

Erin isn’t your traditional yogi, she’s a ‘carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving type’ who has just moved to Nice, France! She was originally based in Tampa, FL, where she teaches vinyasa flow. She doesn’t spout endless Sanskrit, and she firmly believes that yoga is for everyone, no matter what shape, age, or life period they are in.

About Erin Motz.

Image Source: Erin

Erin has been teaching yoga for over 10 years, and it really comes across in her practice.

Erin was a teenager when she tried her first yoga class, only sixteen! (I wish I had started younger) and was hooked after her very first lesson. After a few weeks, her yoga instructor asked if she could take over for her when she moved, and Erin bravely accepted!

Since then, she has been teaching part-time, and a few years ago started teaching full-time and sharing her love for yoga with everyone, and even creating a cool eguide to proper yoga posture!

So how did I come across Erin?

30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz.

Image Source:

I first came across this amazing woman when I began my yoga journey the very first day of 2015. I have seen so many ‘30 day challenges’ before, so with fingers crossed, I started googling yoga challenges in the hope that I would find a free one (very important for me as a beginner) and one that covered all the basics of yoga, without freaky talk about spirituality and strange sanskrit terms (sorry, just not my thing!). One of the first classes to pop up was a ‘30 Day Yoga Challenge’ hosted by Doyouyoga, and taught by Erin Motz.

why am I currently crushing on erin motz?

This bad yogi inspires me with the way she challenges stereotypes and refuses to conform to what many people think are ‘yogi norms.’ When I first began my yoga journey, I admit I was (horrifically) scared that I would be too gangly, too unbalanced to be a yogi, and would be judged because I wasn’t flexible enough to do basically everything a yoga beginner should be able to do. But that’s when Erin’s smiley, friendly face became a permanent in my life for 30 days, and where I first found my yoga legs (so to speak).

She was so charismatic, and made me laugh when seconds before I had been so frustrated with a pose that I wanted to cry. I just love her bubbly, bright personality! And really hope to meet her one day 😀

Erin Motz (always) showing her fun side!

Image source:

During her videos, Erin would show me the best practices, without overloading me with useless information, or terrifying me with poses that were well out of my reach at that early stage.

Finally, her passion to do more with her life is such a motivation. She tells us in her blog that

 “After college, I was working in finance at a large investment firm where I spent my days sitting sedentary but stressed to the max. I cried every Sunday night because I dreaded going to work the next day… I knew I had to change something.”

She explains that teaching yoga was the only thing she always looked forward to no matter how she was feeling, and always brightened her mood.

I love that she saw that something in her life wasn’t making her happy, and decided to do something about it, and take charge. So many of us are guilty of knowing we don’t like are circumstances, but are to scared in the beginning to change and grow.

But hopefully as I progress more and become more confident in yoga and in life, I can also do as much as I can in life, and challenge the world as much as Erin does.

Stay flexy 🙂

Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.



  1. Ashleigh Day says

    I love Erin! She’s so great, always enthusiastic and gives different levels for each pose catering to beginners too. Great overview 🙂

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