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New Year, New Workout Gear: The January Wishlist

New Year, New Gear - January Wishlist.

I headed to the gym the other day after work, for the first time this year.

It was packed.

It began at the end of 2015 with the Beach-Body-goers attacking the machines in a frenzy, but yesterday, that was something else. All the New-Year’s-resolution-makers were out in full force, grunting, sweating, crying. I could scoff, but I am one of them.

I joined the gym last Spring, and have been loving the small but mostly quiet and easy to use facilities. I skipped a few days over the Christmas break (I lie, it was all of December), but I’m back at it with the intention to be fully consistent during the new year of 2016. I also try and supplement the gym during summer with outdoor activities like swimming and walking, and yoga.

With new fitness resolutions in mind, I feel the need to revitalise my accctive weaaaaar. There’s something about feeling cool and comfortable while working out that makes you want turn up and kick butt, so investing in some fresh, well-fitting, breathable, and trendy pieces feels worthwhile.

I have scoured the internet looking for the best pieces to my January gym gear wishlist, so here are my top picks:

New Year, New Gear - January Wishlist gear image.

1. The lightweight tank: There’s something about a light, easy wear tank that makes you feel breezy and prepared. This Aria tank I found on Stylerunner looks perfect to throw on and head out, with no worries about tightness or sweatspots.

2. The fitted shorts: For pole dancing (and sometimes yoga) it’s necessary to get short shorts in order to get proper grip on the pole, and also to have full range of motion. I love the Nike Pro range, because they just have so many patterns and colours, and they just fit super well.

3. The sweatshirt: Beach running? Early morning walks? Just feel the cold sometimes? Instead of lumping on your winter sweater, grab a new hoody that breathes and keeps the chill out without overheating you. This gorgeous Raglan Pullover from Fitwear looks like it would be the perfect fit.

4. The strappy sports bra: Double (or triple) straps look badass on your back, and also feel more secure that two thin ones. I’ve just added the Cage Back Crop from Cotton:On Body to my wardrobe! 🙂

5. The leggings: There is nothing worse than squeezing into tight leggings from the year before that look suspiciously thin at the rear, and show too much at the front. Take a leaf out of Jessica Olie’s book and grab a pair of funky patterned leggings from Dharma Bums and stand out, while feeling sexy and streamlined while working out.

6. The shoes: My poor Nike Airs are about burnt out. Tired and greying, with the fronts wearing through, they do not inspire me to run and jump and be active like they used to. I’ll keep them for more outdoorsy walks where it doesn’t matter if the get more bashed around, and invest in some new, Nike Roshes I think. They come in some cool styles, and give the perfect support for the treadmill or light to moderate walking.

Hopefully I will be able to add a few of these items to my wardrobe and see how the look and feel, and fingers crossed maybe having a few updated workout clothes inspires me to go workout!

Have you updated your workout wardrobe this year? Let me know!

Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.


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