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The Importance of ‘Me Time’ + 18 Self-Care Ideas

10 Tips to help you keep your New Years Resolutions.

Me time
Me, myself, and I

Even thinking about uttering those words makes me cringe. It feels selfish, it feels wrong.

But why?

Most of us know that self-care is essential for happiness, so when did taking a break and taking time out for yourself become such a taboo subject?

MindBodyGreen (a favourite source of mine!) explains how we know that looking after our well-being includes exercise, eating well, staying hydrated, getting your forty winks, meditating and doing whatever other relaxation rituals work for you.

But there’s more.

While spending quality time with friends, family, and loved ones, is an essential part of living a healthy, happy life, it’s also essential to make time to simply be “with yourself,” to give yourself love, without it being something like heading to the gym or sleeping in bed.

Cup of tea and a book.

Spending a quiet hour with a cup of tea and a book can do you a world of good

A Rosie Outlook hits the nail on the head

“I believe that my life would be better if I took more time for gratitude, being mindful and present, dedicating time to self-care, and managing my time a little better.  I am always saying that I ‘don’t have time’ to do things, but I get bored of hearing myself say it because I know that you only have time for the things you really value and prioritise.”

This helpful infographic from Happify.com details the importance of “me time.”

Me Time infographic by Happify.

So we have established that we all need to have ‘me’ time. It helps you think, take stock of where you are. It helps reassess where you want to be going, what you want to be doing, and recharges your energy to keep on loving your special ones.

Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle to taking ‘me time’ seems to be actually just doing it.

To take steps to creating me time, set some boundaries and try what works for you.

Dr Libby Weaver makes sure to never compromise her solitary morning ritual, which usually includes a gentle walk in nature, tai chi, reading a book, meditation or simply being still and practising diaphragmatic breathing. Dr Libby also stresses the importance of scheduling downtime and prioritising it.

“I know that I cannot best serve others and my mission if I don’t ensure my battery is charged.”

Take a long walk along the beach.

Wander along that beach you’ve been meaning to all week.


Here are 18 ideas for you self-care time, inspired by Kris Carr and MindBodyGreen:

  1. Take a bath with Epsom salt.
  2. Get a massage.
  3. Go on a long walk.
  4. Try something new where you’re not in control or the expert.
  5. Take time for mindful movement, attend a yoga class.
  6. Turn off your computer, tablet, and cell phone for two hours.
  7. Get a manicure/pedicure.
  8. Be a tourist in your own town.
  9. Keep a journal of your thoughts, inspirations, ideas
  10. Meditate in silence
  11. Listen to uplifting talks with the speakers turned up
  12. Get lost in a fiction book in a quiet space
  13. Read non-fiction books and take the time to learn something new
  14. Nourishing your body with green juice, green smoothies and greens (and everything you personally like that you might be able to eat/drink around others!)
  15. Prioritise sleep and make sure to get enough of it
  16. Practice forgiveness in your own time, and release resentment, anger and frustration
  17. Start that DIY project that will make you so happy when you finish it
  18. Create/design something for the fun of it, not for work

Top resources for self-care:

When we don’t take care of ourselves, our ability to take care of the other stuff (and people) in our lives breaks down. Remember that self-care is not selfish, it’s spiritual and loving.

Let me know what you do in your ‘me time’ or any problems you’ve had trying to take time out!


Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.


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