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Crushing on: Lina Skukauskė [Blogger and Lifestyle Photographer]

Crushing on: Lina Skukauskė, blogger & lifestyle photographer.

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“What I noticed in my experience is that  life always rewards you for being in tune with your passions and inspiration and especially for sharing with the world what makes you genuinely happy.”


Name: Lina Skukauskė
From: Lithuania
Based in: Munich GER
Occupation: Blogger and lifestyle photographer


About Lina (what a pretty name right!):
Lina is a dedicated vegetarian, blogger & lifestyle photographer from Lithuania currently living and working in Munich (Germany). Besides having a passion for photography, she loves creating and experimenting with vegetarian/vegan/raw dishes, spending time outdoors in the fresh air, and she also has an insatiable curiosity learn and try new new things (a kindred spirit!).

Before breaking out on her own, Lina worked at a lifestyle magazine where she fell in love with the possibility to share stories about inspiring business owners and decided to pursue it as a business.

‘My intention is to tell inspiring stories that uplift people, change their perspective about the world and empower them to create the life they would wholeheartedly enjoy.’


So how did I come across Lina?

I came across Lina’s Behance account while searching for scandi/nordic style photography and design, and was immediately in total love with her work. I read that she had studied in Denmark and loved Scandinavian design and aesthetics also, which is how I found her!


I quickly followed her link to her personal portfolio page where I found all her work which spent hours looking at, and then…I found her personal blog Wholehearted Delights …wow.


Lina’s personal blog is all about things that she enjoys, such as vegetarian cooking, hiking/exploring great outdoors, and personal development. And you never have to worry about the appearance of stock photography, all her imagery is her own and it is B E A U tiful.

Why am I currently crushing on Lina?

Lina’s story:

“So I:

…met and fell in love with my now husband for whom I’m grateful each day- for continuous growth and support, our sometimes crazy experiments (like can we eat only raw food? Can we run a marathon? What happens if you meditate?…), shared laughter, meaningful discussions and deep understanding;

…rebuild my long-lost belief and trust in God/Universe/insert your name of choice here– that action alone completely changed the way I feel each day and look at everything;

…found personal development and became seriously hooked. First time in  my life I understood my power to create my life the way I want;

…embraced my creativity- through photography, styling, drawing, creating business or cooking. It feels so liberating to let yourself create and play on YOUR terms;

…quit parties and alcohol. I mean totally, to a zero. I simply didn’t see meaning in that anymore and I’m oh so happy that I did it- it opened so much space for being authentically me and doing what I personally find meaningful, instead of what society makes us feel we should be doing and enjoying;

…went on an huge internal trip of self-discovery and build a business around my unique combination of talents, personality and skillls. And you can do it too, I’m sure of that.”

Lina’s story really resonates with me. A while ago, she wasn’t so happy, and there was something missing.

Everything in her world was ‘okay’ but she felt that nagging lack of having real meaning in it. She secretly craved less – less parties, less things on the to-do list that she really didn’t feel excited to do, less people in her life but more of those who really matter. What she really craved for was the feeling that you are ALIVE, inspired, constantly growing. So she decided to begin a journey of seeking more, and make changes to her life, even if they weren’t easy, even if they took time.


Lina taught me that you can be a designer or a photographer or any other occupation, but that your job doesn’t define you. She passionately tells us that it’s always worth being authentically you and to share the things that make you wholeheartedly happy.

I am also in love with her serene and light photography, coupled by her interesting writing, that has such a calming effect on me when I read her blog or look at her work.


I am also such a fan of her business and work ethic, especially when she states on her website:

I don’t work with companies promoting things that bring negative effects for people (alcohol, tobacco industry etc.)- it’s a personal choice (and it brings bad karma)

For more about Lina and her work, check out the following links:

Instagram: Lina Skukauske



Who has inspired you recently? Let me know in the comments below!

Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.



  1. wholehearteddelights says

    Thank you, Nicole! I just found out that you blogged about me, so happy you liked my work 🙂


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