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Review: Ab’Asanas eBook by The Southern Yogi

Review: Ab'Asanas with The Southern Yogi.

I thought I’d do a review of the Ab’Asanas ebook by the Southern Yogi while it’s still fresh in my mind, I just started using it last week! And I only have good things to say about this wonderfully refreshing and challenging eBook.

Initially I was introduced to the eBook by a friend, but I have been a long time follower of Morgan DeYoung (The Southern Yogi) since I stumbled across her Instagram.


Filled with amazing poses, helpful tips, inspiration, and lots of smiles, I was immediately drawn to the account, and when I heard Megan had produced an eBook, I knew I had to take a look and try it out.

Ab’Asanas is described as:

“…A yoga inspired eBook written by Morgan DeYoung that details how you can use yoga to develop a strong core–the most important foundation for any athlete or fitness seeker. This guide is available worldwide and is reasonably priced to make sure everyone has access to these proven routines and tips. Ab’Asanas will give you the tools you need to take your practice to the next level.– The Southern Yogi website

The guide is aimed to help you create YOUR best core. Strong abs and a protected spine will lead to an even stronger practice and will help prepare you for inversions and arm balances, along with keeping you stable and safe in other postures.

First Impressions

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IT'S LIVE!! My ab E-book @ab_asanas is now available for purchase worldwide for only $14.99 USD. I've poured my heart and soul into this for you all. It's packed full with over 20 exercises inspired by yoga to tone your core and strengthen your practice. This E-book is for ANYONE. Whether you do yoga or not, already have abs or are starting from scratch, young or old, male or female, it's designed so that everyone can easily grow and learn from it. Please click the link in my bio or you can head to the @the_southern_yogi's page and purchase from that link as well. You will receive a link by email with all the instructions on how to download your E-book into any electronic device. Happy Monday friends!!! xoxo

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Design-wise, the text is a great size to read while you are twisting yourself into a pretzel or putting out the flames from your burning abs. The images are simple, easy to follow, and especially, natural. I have seen a few yoga and fitness eBooks where the images, language, and design are all so….fake, and just aren’t for the every day person trying to learn more.

What I love about Ab’Asana is that the whole eBook is unpretentious, organic, and friendly, and really does show Morgan’s heart and soul has gone into the creation of it.

The exercises are split in to five different core routines that The Southern Yogi personally incorporates into her weekly practices. They all are easy to follow, and after trying them all, I think they will be a great base workout for a strong core, and you cna definitely see how they will begin to help you in your yoga practice.

I also like that the eBook isn’t overwhelming with lots of information and pictures and splits between beginner and advanced moves. No one has time for that! You just do the exercise, follow The Southern Yogis repetition recommendadtion, and smash out some ab-burning moves 🙂 easy!

What’s included?

Ab’Asanas is packed full with over 20 exercises, split into 5 routines, with large hi-res images, inspired by yoga to tone your core and strengthen your practice.

Morgan explains the importance of warming up and consciously engaging your core,  to not only enhance the time spent on your mat, but also to build the strength you need to work on inversions and arm balances.


The brains behind it

The Southern Yogi has been involved in sports for as long as she can remember, and has swam competitively, consistently rock climbed, and has been practicing yoga since April of 2014. She is believes that a strong core is the most crucial foundation for almost any athlete or fitness seeker.

Morgan’s best tip for Ab’Asanas is:

“As you work through this book, I want you to focus on quality as opposed to quantity. One excellent repetition is better than ten poorly executed ones.”


Who’s it for?

The great thing is that it is for ANYONE, whether you do yoga or not, have abs already, or just starting from scratch, young or old, male or female, it’s designed so that you can easily grow and learn from it.


Ab’Asanas in action

I first tried Ab’Asanas last week on a quiet Monday morning. I had 20mins before I had to start getting ready for work, so I thought I would run through all the exercises listed in the eBook.

That didn’t work.

Because I am a skim (lazy) reader, I missed the part about breaking the guide into core routines and doing say four exercises  at a time to warm up. There is  a breakdown of exercises at the back wtih ways you can mix and match the routines (I recommend taking a look at this first)

So! The idea is to find and choose the moves that suit you, or choose four at a time each day and run through 3 sets of 10 reps or so, to utilise the eBook to it’s full potential.

Of course if you have all the time in the world, I recommend adding this guide into your usual weights routine and just smashing your abs with these awesome body-weight exercises, as you really will feel the burn 🙂

So after getting my self sorted and picking and choosing when and what exercises to do on what days, I found this guide really easy to use, and can already start to feel some progress.

Final thoughts

Ab’Asanas is a great addition to any practicing yogis eBookshelf, as it will help build your core muscles which come in to play throughout most yoga moves and flows. I almost would say you could start using the Ab’Asanas before even starting yoga, as a great way to begin your practice and start with the basics, to build a strong base.


Make sure to follow and find out more about The Southern Yogi on social media:



Have you tried the Ab’Asanas eBook? What did you think? Do you have any moves that you wear by, for rock-hard abs? Let me know in the comment section below!


Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.



  1. martoneszti says

    I just bought the 1.0 version by mistake, I have a strong core, and would like to learn handstand and upside down positions. Do you have 2.0 version and would that fit these preferences? (I looked for, but didn’t find sneak peak, or a summary about it)…thank you for your help!


  2. Did you have a hard time accessing her book? I bought it and closed the link and now cant seem to get it back.. any tips?


  3. Anonymous says

    Where can i get the guide boo in egypt/cairo?os it even available down here haha.Thank you!


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