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Layer up in all your cuddly knitted finery.

How To Be A Winter Warrior: 6 Survival Tips For The Winter Season

Before anything else, don’t panic. You must recognize and admit that winter in New Zealand is here, and will be for a long while yet. The freezing frantic wind will try it’s best to strangle you with your own hair, and snatch your last warm breath from your lungs. The plummeting temperatures will seep into your shaking bones, and will caress your pale, dry skin with sharp fingers of ice. There is no doubt it will try to crush you into a weepy, sneezy ball of depression. Winter despises you and is attempting to kill you, while keeping up a facade of pretty glittering snowflake kisses, and the sound of children’s laughter as they make snow angels . But fear not, you have an ally. I too once cowered at the mite of Winter. But no more. I survived in this frost-bitten country (without surgically attaching a heater to myself) by becoming a winter warrior, and tackling it head-on.