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Restaurant Review | Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar

Main Meal.

Name: The Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar

Location: 70 Queen Street, Blenheim 7201, New Zealand

Website: http://www.thecornerstone.co.nz/

In for: Breakfast

Meal: Eggs Benedict with Bacon

Price: $19


Stopped in to Cornerstone for breakfast on a Sunday morning, hoping for something filling, hot, and tasty. I was definitely not disappointed!

Eggs Benedict with wilted spinach and bacon.

The meal: 4/5

“Eggs Benedict – Free range eggs, poached, on toasted ciabatta with a choice of bacon or hot smoked salmon pieces coated with hollandaise sauce. Served with wilted spinach” – Cornerstone Menu

Oooo so close to a 5! My eggs benedict was so close to perfect. The ciabatta was toasted but so soft and buttery, the bacon was perfectly cooked – not too chewy, not too soft – and the wilted spinach and hollandaise sauce were perfectly seasoned and tangy. My only complaint (and not really a complaint as it did not detract from the amazing meal at all) would be that the eggs were hard 😦 there was no runny yolk to greet my probing fork. But this was a minor detail.

The hot chocolate was served in a cute glass (I couldn’t take a photo as The Other Half stole my pink marshmallow! and thus ruined my shot) and was perfectly sweet and gone in a minute. It was really cheap as well!

The service: 5/5

Great service, super friendly, and quickly delivered meals

The atmosphere: 5/5

Relaxed and quiet for a Sunday morning

The setting: 5/5

We dined outside in the sun. Cornerstone is, as the name suggests, on a corner in the Blenheim CBD, so while the setting was never going to be quiet and private, it still felt relaxing and comfortable to eat there, and you get to people watch which is always fun 🙂

I would definitely recommend the Eggs Benedict at Cornerstone, with a hot chocolate as well, as an affordable and lighter meal option for breakfast in Blenheim.

Nic x

The Sunshine Exchange.

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